People Analytics

Improve employee engagement and productivity.

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Why 40Persona?

40Persona evaluates the soft skills of the members of your organization, or candidates in recruitment processes.


People Knowledge

Discover hidden insights and make better people decisions.


Scientific Precision

Get accurate metrics for each individual.


Ease to Use

Just sign in and start launching evaluation campaigns.

What do you want to evaluate?

Leadership, Agility, Commitment, Motivation...Choose from our pre-defined sets or create your own from our soft skills library.

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    Organitational Tranformation.
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    Performance (360 Assesment).
Captures of the application related with campaigns
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Real Time results

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    40Persona profiling. Personality Type.
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    Strengths and weaknesses.
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    Ranking of affinity to the position.
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    Average talent metrics.
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    Aggregated, comparative and individual scores.
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    Performance and development.
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    9 boxes matrix.
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    Motivation Index for employee engagement.

HR Analytics Dashboard

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    Explore deeply the talent of your organization.
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    Visualize and analize.
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    Discover the most outstanding skills and personality profiles.
Captures of 40Persona with analytics

Look Alike Profiles

Look for candidates similar to existing employees.


Blind Search

Find candidates without gender and age barriers.


Mobile Access

Invite employees through Mobile questionnaires.

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